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Microsoft’s “Windows 11” is incompatible with many PCs, comes with more junk, and mandates Restricted Boot

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Microsoft made the Windows 11 announcement today, and users should be horrified.

Everything that the Free Software Foundation, Techrights, and I have said about “Secure” Boot one day becoming mandatory and leading to PCs that would only boot Microsoft-blessed operating systems has finally come to pass. According to Wikipedia, new computers will have no option to turn it off in the BIOS because the OS itself now requires it.

As companies and individuals being attacked with malware has grown to be such a problem that the FBI considers it on par with the war on terrorism, due to the colonial pipeline and JBS meat processor attacks, to name but a couple, it’s clear that nothing Microsoft has implemented in the pretense of security is even getting in the way of “cyber” criminals.

As an aside, the new requirements pretty much mean that nothing that has an x86-32 processor (2005 and older, admittedly geriatric now), with a BIOS (shipped through 2010 in some systems, or had uEFI locked to BIOS Compatibility Mode through 2012, which is also Windows 11 incompatible), or which doesn’t have TPM 2.0 (started to appear in 2016-2018) will run Windows 11.

Effectivelly, _all PCs_ older than a few years are stuck with Windows 10 now, which is in a grave yard mode for some time already, or users can migrate to the actively improved and thriving GNU/Linux OS. Which probably runs better anyway.

My system from 2016 just got updated to Fedora 34 last night and I generally like what I’m seeing with it and GNOME 40.

My system from late 2020 could run Windows 11. It has to go to the repair center though… The USB-C port is shorting out and Lenovo is sending a box to ship back to the repair center.

When it comes back, who knows what it will run.

I’ve started backing everything up again and installed Zoom on the old laptop with Fedora 34.

I have traffic court soon, and even though the state is open, these horrible Zoom court meetings are still going.. It’s like watching live action people of Walmart and half of them can’t even figure out not to cuss out a judge or pay their court fines even though they have a $1,700 iPhone they can’t find the Silent Mode switch on. Perhaps I’ll talk about that after court is over.

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