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Ubuntu 21.10 Codename Revealed

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Today is release day for Ubuntu 21.04 but y’know what? That’s old news already as the codename for Ubuntu 21.10 has been revealed!

Ubuntu developers clearly aren’t interested in sitting idle and are prepping the foundations for what will become the next stable release. On Launchpad, home of Ubuntu development, the codename for Ubuntu 21.10 is listed as ‘Impish Idri’.

But what does this codename tell us?

Impish is an adjective meaning “…inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun”. With the major changes present in GNOME 40 (and possibly GNOME 41) likely to feature, do Ubuntu devs have some tricks up their sleeves?

An Indri is (Google tells me) a Madagascan lemur that spends the majority of the ground, up in trees, where it likes to jump around — might Ubuntu 21.10 make some major leaps of its own?

It’s an imaginative codename combo that marries the playfulness of recent codenames (like Hirsute Hippo, and Disco Dingo) with more reflective choices from the past (e.g., Hardy Heron was a great choice for such a solid LTS).

And a cute mascot like the Indri should ensure that the next desktop wallpaper is a little less interpretive than the hairy coconuts of the incumbent!

Ubuntu 21.10 will be released in October, 2021.

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