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helloSystem 0.5 Released For macOS-Inspired FreeBSD Desktop

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By Michael Larabel


One of the most promising BSD-based desktop distributions in recent times has been helloSystem that wants to be the macOS of BSDs with a polished desktop experience. helloSystem has been making good progress towards their goals in recent months and this weekend now issued version 0.5.

The helloSystem 0.5 release is powered by FreeBSD 12.2 - they have not yet moved over to the recently launched FreeBSD 13.0. The helloSystem 0.5 release features changes to yield a smaller ISO system, their macOS-inspired desktop has seen various improvements, adding of the MTP Android File Transfer utility, and a lot of other desktop-related enhancements. There are also many fixes like "sudo su" now working. The helloDesktop stack also supports making use of KWin rather than Openbox but the latter remains the default.

More details along with an ISO of the new release can be found via GitHub.

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