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Experimental Reiser5 File-System Patch Updated For Linux 5.12

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by Michael Larabel

Back in April the out-of-tree Reiser4 file-system was updated for Linux 5.12 compatibility while now with Linux 5.13 being right around the corner, Edward Shishkin has updated the experimental Reiser5 file-system code for v5.12 compatibility.

Reiser5 continues to be developed by Shishkin as a next-generation successor to Reiser4 with various new features around its logical volume, multi-device, selective file migration, and other features.

The upstream prospects for Reiser5 though remain rather dim with this evolutionary update still not having any apparent backing of any major organizations. Most Linux distributions have been pursuing the likes of Btrfs or continuing with XFS/EXT4 and efforts like Red Hat's Stratis or Ubuntu's seemingly fading interest in OpenZFS.

With the latest unstable-v5 patch posted today, the experimental file-system has been ported for Linux 5.12 stable compatibility. Besides adjusting the code for hopping from Linux 5.10 to 5.12 support, the updated patch also implements read_iter() support.

Today's latest Reiser5 patch can be downloaded from SourceForge.

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